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IJoan Denizotm Joan Denizot, the Founder of Zize Bikes.I started this company because I wanted to exercise.

While I understand that there are a few people who swear they enjoy exercising, I am not certainly NOT one of them. So I was up against a lot while I racked my brain for an exercise that I would enjoy enough to keep me doing it. Then I remembered bike riding! I used to LOVE to ride my bike. It took me everywhere, and the freedom and exhilaration I got from riding was amazing. Thats it!

I wont go into much detail about the attempts to find a suitable bike, but lets just say it involved flat tires, popped spokes, stressed frames, skeptical sales people, and a LOT of embarrassment.

What I discovered, after spending hundreds of hours researching, is that people just dont make bikes for those of us who weigh over 200 pounds. Okay, 225 if youre pushing it.

I also discovered that is is really quite dangerous for a person who weighs more than the bike is intended for. A bike is a piece of machinery, and if too much weight or pressure is put on the parts, things can break. Hopefully most breaks wont result in getting hurt, but the potential is definitely there for a catastrophic injury. YIKES!

Biking is one of the easiest, most fun, and least expensive exercises. Plus, its non-weight bearing, which means its much easier on your joints, which is very important for heavy people. Selecting the correct machine for you requires a thorough knowledge of bicycles, an understanding of what your physical characteristics are, and knowledege of the environment in which you plan to ride.

We strongly invite you to call us so we can find out a little about you and make recommendations based on exactly what you need.

Call now! Let us show you whats possible so that you, too, can join in the fun and freedom of riding.

Joan Denizot

Founder and President, Zize Bikes

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