Youre ready to invest in a bike. Congratulations! Cycling is one of the most enjoyable physical exercises that exists. Its easy to do, and you move like the wind when youre riding, no matter what your size.

If youre trying to decide which bicycle is the right one for you, take a look at these important considerations, and well guide you in choosing the bike that will get you happily riding once again.

1. How much do you weigh?

We suggest you start with your weight first. The reason you found our store is probably because you know that youre not safe on a regularlybuilt bike. Start here and then we can work our way into other factors to decide upon. Each one of our bikes has a weight rating on it. This gives you the maximum weight this bike can safely hold. There is NO minimum. The idea is to get a bike that will hold your maximum weight, and if you lose weight, thats great. It does not mean you have to change bikes, because your bike will continue to work really well for you. Our strongest bikes will hold riders up to 550 pounds. These are A New Leaf and the Time of Your Life, and the Supersized Personal Activity Vehicle.

Susan wanted a mid-price bike that would allow her to ride on the mostly -flat bike paths near her home in Florida. At 275 pounds, the Supersized Comfort Bike she chose was not the only option, but she loved the style and the quality of the bike. She also loved that she could get a custom color, so she now proudly rides on a bright pink bike. Shes having a blast with it!

2. How old are you?

Age itself is not really an issue, but its more an indication of where people may find themselves on the scope of things like bike fashion. In general, the most popular model for men under the age of 50 is A New Leaf. The mountain bike look, coupled with the ruggedness of the bike, seems to be the driving factors.

For women, and anyone that still has the balance required to ride a bike, we are big fans for the Time of Your Life. This bike was specifically designed for big people-its easy to get on and off, and thanks to the design of the frame, you can touch the ground when youre still on the seat, which allows an extra measure of comfort.

Tom is a 30 year old engineer from the Houston, Texas area. He wanted to be able to go out riding with his friends, but his old bike kept popping spokes and was making a lot of strange creaky noises. At his heaviest weight ever, he counted on dropping the pounds as soon as he could ride. A New Leaf was a perfect choice for him, and he found himself hooked on riding within a couple weeks of receiving his bike. Now 50 pounds lighter, he rides at least 5 times per week for the pleasure of it, and because it allows him to continue to enjoy eating the way he likes to.

3. Do you have any physical challenges?

We love biking and recommend it for everybody. And the fact that biking is non-weight bearing, which means that you wont damage your joints by exercising, is an important factor to consider when you are a heavy person.

BUT-we are NOT doctors! Please be sure to check with your health care professional to be sure that biking is a recommended activity for you.

Once you have your docs okay, its good to consider any special concerns you might have. For instance, if your balance is not great, then maybe you could consider a tricycle. They are a great way to get around when you cant really count on just two wheels.

If your wrists tend to get achy, focus on bikes which have you sitting in a very upright position. That way you wont be putting pressure on your hands as you lean into the handlebars. Some good examples of these bikes are the Time of Your Life, the Samson, and the Supersized Comfort Bike.

If back pain is an issue for you, and you want the support of a seat back, both the Samson and the Supersized Personal Activity Vehicle are very comfortable.

Chris was very skeptical of the seat on the Samson-it just didnt look normal. But she loved the back support it provided, and decided to give it a try. Within one week of starting to ride, she called to tell us how much she adored this bike. She couldnt believe how incredibly comfortable and supportive the seat was, and the crank-forward frame made riding a breeze. She also loved the upright handle bar, which meant no weight or pressure on her hands.

4. What kind of terrain will you be riding on? Is it hilly?

If youre a heavy person and live in a hilly area, it can be hard to get up the courage to start biking again. Its hard for skinny people to get up hills on a bike, so add to that a bunch of extra weight and it makes it, well, really hard.

Have you thought about electric assist bicycles? They are a perfect solution to the dilemma of hilly terrain. They make biking fun and easy again! The electric assist bikes give ASSISTANCE. They are not simply scooters with a twist and go system. They allow you to pedal while getting some help, to pedal with no help, or, if you just too tired to carry on, to just twist and go. The choice is yours. And you can change how you interact with the bike with a simple twist of the throttle and/or movement of the pedals.

If, on the other hand, you live in a flat area, you can take that into consideration, too. For instance, three speeds may be plenty for your terrain. Three speed bikes we sell include the Supersized Newsboy, Tall Boy, Newsgirl, Comfort Bike, and Personal Activity Vehicle.

If you know you have the strength, and/or you have the determination to JUST DO IT, hills can be done with just muscle power. And, really, there is nothing wrong with walking up a hill. It may not feel as cool as powering up on your wheels, but youre still getting there on your own power, and that is something to celebrate! A New Leaf and the Time of Your Life come with an 8 speed internal gear system, which provides plenty of variety for conquering most biking challenges. The Samson has an external gear system with 24 speeds, which provides a vast range for dealing with different terrain.

Sally loved to bike when she was younger, but found that the weight she put on as she aged really slowed her down. Living in Colorado, she was faced with mountains just about every way she rode. She decided to purchase a Zuma, and hasnt looked back once. She loves it! The feeling of freedom that comes from knowing I can conquer any hill is phenomenal, she writes us. And because Im not afraid that Im going to have to walk my bike a lot, I end up riding a lot more. Ive lost 15 pounds in the last 4 months-just from riding so much!

5. Whats your budget?

A Zize Bike is a once in a lifetime investment. Our bikes are not inexpensive, but you know the old adage, You get what you pay for. It couldnt be more true than for our bikes.

In general, the pricing is highest for the bikes that hold the most weight. If you think about it that makes sense, because these are the pieces of equipment that must work the hardest. The top-of-the-line parts, the welding and assembly, every detail is addressed with attention to the bikes strength and comfort and the riders safety.

Mike was one of our first riders. He got his Time of Your Life in 2007. He recently wrote me that he continues to ride every weekend, and in the entire time hes had his bike, he has not had so much as a flat tire! He gives his bike a tune-up every spring, keeps his tires filled regularly, butother than that doesnt do a thing to his bike.