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  • I took the bike to a local shop and they put it together for me. The guys at the bike shop said the bike was high quality and a very smooth ride (I think that they all tried it out). They were very impressed. Overall I am really happy and as you said it was well worth the wait.I hope that more people
    discover the site and order more bikes. Thanks again and I hope to stay in contact from time to time. - Jerry O
  • I think folks who really need things like this are overlooked. Thank you for remembering us. It was nice dealing with Joan.
    She took the time to answer all my many questions. Very pleasant experience - Dan C
  • Absolutely love the bike. It would have been great to get a book that showed the parts, the tools needed and a single diagram for how it all goes together - I was a bit frustrated. However, I took the bike to a local bike shop and they said it's an amazing piece of equipment and worth every penny I paid. - Douglas K
  • Joan has great bikes for all sizes all the way up to 550 pounds! Great personal customer service. Quality Bikes - my bike guy was
    completely impressed by the quality of the parts on my new "A NEW LEAF." Time to go biking... - Pat O
  • I love you! I used to be an avid bike rider 10 years ago and have wanted to get back to it. However, like you I was too afraid to that my current weight would collapse a regular bike and cause serious injury. I have been looking for a bike for large riders for some time now, and am so happy to have found one. - Anonymous

      Premium Bikes for Riders of All Sizes

      Welcome to Zize Bikes. Take a look around and see our assortment of bicycles, electric bikes and tricycles, and decide which one is right for you. At Zize Bikes we design and custom build our frames around your needs and equip our bikes with the strongest components on the market. You will love your new bicycle from Zize Bikes, and we guarantee it!

      BUY A BIKE FROM ZIZE BIKES TODAY. IT’S GUARANTEED. We'?re the only builders of bicycles that carry up to 550 pounds. Our bikes are unmatched in quality of parts, materials, and construction

      Key things to make sure your bike is up to the task of supporting you:

      A Steel Frame

      You can't break or crack it. Steel is smooth, and rides like a dream.

      Wide metal pedals

      Broad and sturdy, our steel alloy platform pedals are designed and mounted to keep them solid and in place, ride after ride.

      Strong rims and spokes

      Stainless steel spokes and wide, strong rims to take whatever you give them.

      A Big, Comfortable saddle

      Wide, well-padded and comfortable.

      Wide tires

      With inner tubes that are flat-protected and tires that have a high thread count, our wide wheels provide suspension and comfort.

      Internal Gears

      Weather-resistant, simple to use and maintain, resist chain slippage.
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